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Own free position

*** Thoughts by Ursula Rütimann on the topic of “Vaccination” ***

In these reflections, I am concerned with pointing out possibilities with which people can take their own free stand from the polarising position of pro- or contra-vaccination. As we know (1), our time demands a soul-spiritual development (2) and this is essential, I dare to say it is ultimately not the most important thing whether one is vaccinated or not. Or to put it another way, a “no” without development and confrontation on the spiritual-mental level is not yet inner progress, and this, in my opinion, is demanded today by the spiritual worlds (3).

It was a long process for me, I spent months intensively studying the virus, the so-called pandemic and vaccination. I have looked at this big issue from different angles. I think the pandemic is a suggestion and a lie. It’s not that the virus doesn’t exist, it does and it can also be dangerous for people with weakened immune systems. Other (flu) viruses are too.

It is a reversal of freedom that is currently happening. The mRNA vaccination as a gene-based vaccine is an intervention in the protein metabolism of humans. I don’t want to describe the physical events in the body any longer, you certainly know that better than I do (4).

I want to get to the psychological level and the spiritual level. For one’s own position, it seems to me very important not to define oneself as a “victim” when one gets vaccinated. For whatever reason a person gets vaccinated, that is very individual. I believe that people should bear full responsibility for their own decision, regardless of whether they are for or against vaccination. It is not the authority’s fault or someone else’s fault if I get vaccinated. With this, I take an inner strong position. “The vaccination can’t harm me, I have a well-functioning immune system and my body will be able to deal with it. The authorities decide according to the suggestions (5), they do not realise that the pandemic is a lie.

I don’t really need the vaccination but I accept it in order to realise my ideals and plans. With such an attitude, the consciousness remains free and empathic with fellow human beings. And I create an inner freedom through higher ideals. In my view, spiritual ideals are of great importance here. What potential do I want to use for the world, for the environment, for the animals, the people and the cosmos, for the spiritual hierarchies? What ideals do I want to realise? Here the creative human being comes into action for the world and for the cosmos and brings the shaping of individuality to flourish.

Through spiritual training (6) the human being renews himself, he is no longer determined by genes. New spiritual thoughts come into the world through the human being. A spiritual aspiration of the human being, the creation of new knowledge about cosmic truths transforms the physical. There is indeed a transformation of matter through the aspiring spirit. The path goes from above down into the material world into the innermost of the cells, through the light-soul process (7). Through the development of consciousness, the spiritual works its way into the innermost of the cells, so that the effect of the inoculation with its foreign determination is dissolved. The physical plane also has a meaning and so scientific statements have meaning in this context. But to this I want to add my highest spiritual ideals and aesthetic goals.

Ursula Rütimann

(1) The communication presented here is an excerpt from an email exchange between two women who are on a “spiritual training path”, two so-called “spiritual students”.

(2) The term “soul-spiritual development” means a development of consciousness which can be promoted by certain exercises and within which a person develops abilities such as the ability to “discriminate”. As long as a person identifies with his or her body, there is no need for differentiation. However, if one wants to learn to distinguish between soul and body, an awareness of the different levels of body and soul can be developed and also the ability to recognise the relationship between them.

(3) By “spiritual worlds” is meant a superior, non-material causal dimension which underlies all material phenomena.

(4) The original recipient of the thoughts published here is a biochemist by profession.

(5) Through the media, thought-images are suggested to people, which create fears and occupy the consciousness like something alien coming from outside.

(6) “Spiritual training” has existed as long as human beings have existed. The “Rosenkreutzer Geistesschulung” is known to many. Spiritual training, in contrast to normal universities, is related to living experience and knowledge, it goes beyond the more abstract mind-based learning. Thus, classical yoga from the East can be described as such an endeavour and more presently in the West the anthropsophy of Rudolf Steiner as well as the “New Yoga Will” founded by Heinz Grill.

(7) The term “light-soul-process” was first coined by Rudolf Steiner, then taken up again by Heinz Grill and further developed by him into a realisable application and development.

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