The idea

The current situation worldwide (2020) is deeply worrying. Anyone who dares to look at it will discover nothing but misery and atrocities, but anyone who does not dare to take this independent step into viewing and assessing current events and who holds on with unshakable confidence to the trustworthiness of our leaders in science, politics and the media – yes, what about him? He behaves like an ostrich, but this does not help, because his passive and blind trust in the authorities or “experts” makes him lose his inner attitude in his thinking, feeling and acting from the – how can this be correctly called? – manipulative false statements of the official media and then considers his “opinion” to be his own.

This is the disease-causing virus, I would say. At least this process corresponds to the process in a viral infection: the virus itself has no life, it consists of a protein envelope with DNA (genetic material) in it. So it needs the life of its host, the life of complete cells, to multiply. The host then produces the virus and passes it on to others, just as we do with the fear-inducing manipulative fake information of the traditional media. The similarity of the process is astonishing.

Out of this distress I see a new media landscape with many individual reporters coming to life. They call themselves “free media” and in this respect they differ significantly from what has been the case up to now, a form of reporting known to be certainly not free, which was subject to certain interests, not those of clear and simple information and enlightenment.

Here in this blog I would like to create a space for new constructive ideas that can help to take a step forward in this moment of crisis and leave the old behind. Like the light of the sun, ideas and conceptions can warm the heart, give strength and bring confidence. This moment of crisis seems to be an excellent moment to give space to what one has always secretly wanted to do and to dare something new. In this sense, the blog is meant to be a fountain of inspiration and renewal, a movement that emanates from everyone, both collectively and individually.

This blog is 100% non-commercial. Posts and comments are welcome. So I would like to ask the reader to give his or her own opinion. How else can the world know where your interests lie?

The aim is to contrast the “anxiety virus” that is currently spreading worldwide with a “helpful bacterium”, similar to the lactic acid bacteria in the intestine, which ensure a healthy intestinal environment.

Christine Richter, Langballigau, 15th September2020

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