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Coronavirus – what can we do now?

Therapeutic advice on prophylaxis

By Heinz Grill

The lungs are an organ that open to the outside world through the in- and outflowing breath. They communicate, in direct connection with the air, with people and the substances that are in the airspace. For this reason, the lungs can be described as a contact-organ with sensitive forms of reaction that respond to the meteoric and even metaphysical atmosphere, as well as, more tangibly, to microorganisms and fine dust.

The structure of the lungs resembles a tree that has been put upside down inside the body. Together with the bronchi and bronchioles they have a large area in contact with the outside.

Bitter substances in the form of herbs and bitter foods are very good because these strengthen the organs, make them contract and give protection to the mucous membranes. Because infections usually give rise to a large number of leukocytic processes with strong dissolving tendencies and often make the mucous membranes too transparent, almost parchment-like, the bitter substances can provide a useful contraction and strengthening.

Young dandelion leaves, for example, cut into small pieces as an addition to salads or mixed with roasted sesame seeds, olive oil and salt as a spread, offer a simple way of enriching the table with “bitter substances”.

Oranges and lemons with their vitamin C content are highly recommended, especially for the corona virus, because they give the lungs a vitality. The lungs are the organ that, if turned outward too little and if the expanse of the breathing process is restricted, are responsible for melancholic reactions. (1) The closed nature of melancholy can cause weaknesses. The colourful element of citrus fruits with their slightly sour taste, which relates to the ascorbic acid, elevates people and indirectly strengthens the organ.

Fears of any kind are weakening for the immune system. What can, however, the individual do against the atmospheres of fear that are spreading at an utopian rate? They cannot flee to meditation and yoga exercises, but are most urgently encouraged to form a real, objective view of the facts and manifestations that appear in the media landscape and within the great political fervour. Fear itself is, if you so call it, an astral phenomenon, a kind of movement of the air that, when it touches people, causes unavoidable, deep reactions. Just imagine that hot air sweeps across your skin. Perhaps the individual immediately reacts to this touch with a shiver. Similarly, the fear messages about the corona virus have an effect, with no differentiation between the numbers of actual and supposed causes of death. Fear creates a constant over-stimulation in the sympathetic nervous system and with it an immunodeficiency, and another consequence is the nocebo effect, which means that illnesses are generated through people’s own auto-suggestion. The consciousness with some concentration can counteract this insidious phenomenon.

The tight quarantine conditions in Italy mean that people are no longer allowed to go out, close themselves off, shun away from nature and have to do without sport. The lack of physical exercise leads to rapid atrophy and this in turn to hepatic congestion. The excretory system is easily overwhelmed. The cardiovascular system can also not be adequately exercised. Coronary insufficiency with numerous blood pressure problems will undoubtedly increase over the long term. But above all there are psychological problems. Complete isolation without contact brings in the long-term, and this is visible after a week at the latest, extreme relapses in trauma and unsound behaviour patterns and people then have to take benzodiazepines, antidepressants and anxiolytics. Particularly those who have anorexia nervosa, severe depression or schizothymic disorders, people who are already lacking contact produce lung diseases, because the lungs are dependent on the breath and the breath likes contact with the outside. Retreating for a long time must then logically also produce highly aggressive outbreaks of the corona virus. It is known that the lungs of ascetics are often pathologically affected.

Breathing deeply and wide movements of the flanks, as they occur within the sense of the asana trikonasana or in general in the sense of free, wide breathing, would now be important for general strengthening and strengthening the immune system (2). The exercises should be practiced outdoors if possible.

Trikonasana with a wide stretch of the flanks.

Sun and direct contact with the sun on the skin prompt topping up vitamin D levels and should be sought out. The more difficult and demanding work is, however, to develop sun-forces through spiritual exercises, development of the processes of realising and understanding (3) and general aesthetic spiritual goals. It would be beneficial, with practical training and conviction to complete a soul exercise daily, as described in the book “Six Soul Exercises”.

One of the gravest influences on the centre of people, on their heart rhythm and on their respiratory system is caused by electrosmog. It is no harm if you switch off the devices and largely avoid the overloads caused by high frequencies and radiation. Incidentally, 5G is in the zones of Italy and China where most corona cases have occurred. The relationship between the weakening of the mucous membranes and the entire energy level of humans by electrical radiation is now largely known. A barrier should definitely be created here.

Although the ultimate cause of diseases cannot be found in matter and is not monocausal in either environmental pollution and radiation, the impossible way of dealing with the ruthless establishment of technology shows a serious general situation of self-destruction and self-poisoning.

The real way to fight against Corona is to face the suggestions (4) with a clear, logical mind.

© Heinz Grill


(1) For melancholy, see Husemann/Wolff, The Anthroposophical Approach to Medicine: An Outline of a Spiritual Scientifically Oriented Medicine. In the concept of medicine oriented to spiritual science: the lungs are assigned to the melancholic temperament.

(2) trikonasana – Triangle – Die Dreigliederung (Threefoldedness) on YouTube

(3) Translator’s note: The German word translated here is ‘Erkenntnisprozessen’.

(4) Translators note: Here the word ‘suggestion’ is referring to the action of subtly planting an idea in someone’s mind. It could also be described as subliminal influence.

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