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The turtle, an elephant or an old man with a long, white beard are symbolic of the quality of wisdom, which seems to be related to many accumulated experiences and age. It is therefore something other than academic understanding and knowledge. Even simple-minded people can be wise.

The whole of nature offers us a mirror of wisdom, not just dolphin, turtle and elephant. Only the uman being seems to be going in different directions right now. He behaves unwise and follows the promptings of fear.

What would wisdom suggest to us humans, who are trapped in darkness and fear? It would tell us that there is always hope because there is man.

But now we must distinguish exactly what might be meant by this. On what is the hope built, on man himself, his possible abilities and powers, or on technologies and apparatuses which man has developed, but which are then supposed to replace him, because he himself is apparently too imperfect to continue to direct the events on earth?

Christine Richter

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