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In the name of health

In the name of health everything seems to be allowed. We allow ourselves to be incapacitated and locked up, although sun and fresh air would be the most important thing our lungs and also souls need in this moment of confrontation with an infectious disease to strengthen the body’s defences. There is hardly anything that is more detrimental to health than isolation from social life, or in other words, there is hardly anything that can strengthen, calm and stabilize us inwardly more than the community, our diverse life of relationships with other people. In the seclusion of our own four walls, fears and neuroses multiply to a previously unknown extent. What logic does our behaviour follow?

A logic that excludes both the “soul” and the “spirit”. There remains only the “body”, that has to be protected. Our originally living, spiritual-emotional-physical existence is reduced to something material that can supposedly be protected by taking it out of circulation externally. What is becoming increasingly established at this moment, I call a health dictatorship, which seems to be accepted by the majority of people worldwide. Are we humans really incapable of acting on our own responsibility? Who “in God’s name” could be empowered to preside over us all and take over the leadership of humanity?

Is it the World Health Organization WHO, according to the vision of Bill Gates (1) in conjunction with the military and science and the pharmaceutical industry in the background with its economic interests? They are also human beings. Why should they be more capable than others of taking responsibility? Are they really concerned with the “good of humanity” or with the need to exercise power as if the whole thing were a monopoly game? Wouldn’t the world be in better hands if we learned to take responsibility for our actions instead of leaving them in other people’s hands?

We trust more in vaccinations than in our body’s own defence system. This will, if it continues like this, be put out of action from childhood on by compulsory vaccinations on a large scale, as these are much safer. Do we really want this? Do we really want to be incapacitated for the supposed safety of seemingly possible physical health and accept what is happening before our eyes?

We accept it “in the name of health” because there are the numbers of all the dead “officially” stated by someone. Frankly, I don’t think that we are preventing even one death through these current worldwide “safety measures”. It is possible that the number is even increased by the enormous fear generated by politics and the media and its numerous health consequences.

Christine Richter

(1) Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, multimillionaire, founder of the “Bill and Melinda Gates Fondation – The video on YouTube lasts 8:36 min. and is worth seeing, because you can get an idea of the ideas and intentions behind the current events. Bill Gates presents “his vision” to the world public at TED in April 2015.

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